Weststeyn Dairy – Making Milk, Feeding People


A California Dairy Farm

Weststeyn Dairy is a California dairy farming company which is currently in the business of producing raw, grade A, fluid milk. Fluid milk is produced daily, then shipped and sold to a farmer owned co-operative which then distributes and sells the milk to processors around California.

Weststeyn Dairy’s dairy cows operate 24 hours per day 365 days per year and produce multiple truckloads of milk each day.

The majority of the feed consumed by the cows is grown on the farm. The operation is able to grow most of the feed required by the animals. All of the livestock on the dairy are born and raised on the farmGlass of Milk

Live, Laugh, Milk 

Milking cows is our passion, we enjoy what we do and are proud of it. We want to produce the best quality milk, and share it with the world.

We live, and breath dairy. There are not many people who can truly say that they love their job, but we honestly can say we do.

Most people associate California with movie stars, beaches, and booming ocean waves, but we associate it with white waves of milk. Milk is the number one agricultural product in California, and we are proud to be part of making that statistic a reality.