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Dairy Legacy

A Legacy of Dairy Excellence 

Weststeyn Dairy is well established California dairy farm with a legacy for excellence. The farm was founded in 1955 by the owner’s father, and has been in the California dairy industry for over 60 years.

“Our passion for dairy farming lies deep in our roots”- Owner of Weststeyn Dairy

The business is family owned and operated with roots stretching deeper beyond the California dairy industry. The owners are a 2nd generation American family with its family being traced back to the Netherlands. The Netherlands is considered the birthplace of the modern dairy cow, and its people are some of the highest consumers of dairy products worldwide. The Weststeyn family can trace their families documented involvement in dairy farming industry as far back as the 17th century in the Netherlands.

deep roots

The family can trace its dairy farming roots back to the 17th century Holland

The business reflects the ideals of the American dream. In 1947, the owner’s father emigrated from the Netherlands to America in search of better opportunities. He started in California working for other dairies and eventually built up enough capital to start his own dairy in Modesto, Ca in 1955. When the business was expanded in the 1970s, it was state of the art, adopting some of the latest dairy technologies, and provided enough room to comfortably house 200 milking cows. Since then, the business has grown significantly. The business is currently owned and operated by the son who currently owns and operates the growing business

Today the farm is dedicated to the health and well-being of the cows, and is producing some of the highest quality milk around.