The Cows

The dairy barn

It’s all about the Cows

Dairy farming is all about the cows. It’s no secret, happy cows produce the most milk. The better care you can give cows, the more milk they will give you. We do everything we can to keep our girls happy.

If you want to get philosophical you could say it’s a lot like Love. The more you give, the more you receive.

That’s why we use some of the best technologies, and dairy farming advancements to take care of the cows. Everything we do on the farm is to better improve cow comfort, feeding and nutrition, and cow longevity.

Black and White

Baby Holstein

A baby Holstein calf

Our farm is primarily made up of Holstein cows, which are the top producing dairy cows. Originating in Holland, the Holstein dairy cow is the most common dairy cow in the world.

The Holsteins calm, docile nature makes them fine dairy cows. They are probably the most relaxed and layed back dairy cows of any of the other dairy breed. And why wouldn’t they be, they are living in sunny California. We are proud to house some of the finest Holsteins around on our farm.

*Note: While Holsteins are the primary breed, our farm is home to a variety of Holsteins, Jerseys, and Ayrshire dairy cows. Our farm welcomes all dairy breeds.