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Job Opportunities

Weststeyn Dairy periodically has job opportunities. If you are interested in applying for a position at our farm, please  send us your resume

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Current Opprotunities:

Dairy Milker

Job Description:

Position is milking cows in the milk barn of the dairy farm. The cows are milked 2 times per day everyday so this is a very important job on the dairy. There are 2 different shifts for milking so even though the cows are milked twice, you only need to milk them once. Shift usually run a good amount of time around 10 hours per day so there is plenty of work.

Because this is an important job, we need reliable people so that is definitely one of the attributes we are look for. Working this job, you will be working in a team with other people so it is also important that you can be a team player and work with other people.

The following is a list of qualities we look for: trustworthy, reliable, hardworking, and can get along with other people. Previous experience is a definite plus, but is not required.

Some tasks included in this job include:

  • Putting milking machines on the cows
  • Cleaning udders
  • Checking udder health
  • Applying the antibacterial dips
  • Herding cows
  • Cleaning milking units
  • Cleaning the milk barn