The Farm


Feeding the Cows

Did you know that cows will eat 100 lbs. of feed each day. In one year, one cow will have eaten about 18 tons of feed.

This, of course, means that one of the largest expenses of a dairy is feed. Feed costs usually makes up about 60% of the total costs for operating a dairy.

Weststeyn Dairy grows most of the feed it needs for its cows. Growing the feed on site gives the dairy a definite competitive advantage over other dairy operations. Feed costs can be minimized and transportation costs to move feed can be avoided allowing the dairy to be able to produce milk at a cheaper price than other dairies.

Weststeyn Dairy uses the latest farming practices and farming technology to produce feed at the lowest cost possible in California. New technologies are also allowing much better management of fields which enhance yields. One such example includes tractors equipped with GPS technology allowing field work to be minimized therefore saving time, labor, and fuel. Due to the sunny California climate, a variety of crops are grown with multiple crops per year. The farm currently grows a variety of forages such as corn, oats, Sudan grass, rye grass, and alfalfa hay

Oat field

   Oat Hay