Dairy Sustainability

New at the Dairy – We are working to become more sustainable!

Weststeyn Dairy is committed to sustainability and is always looking for new ways to lessen and improve our impact on the environment. With the development of methane digester technology, it has become possible to reduce methane emissions by capturing the methane gas produced by cow manure and convert it into usable fuel. In other words, we can convert cow manure to usable fuel.

The new digester will:

  • Improved waste handling systems, that will feed into a modern manure digester
  • Digester will further reduce odor creation potential
  • Will produce renewable transportation fuels

Features and Benefits of the New Digester:

Proven Technology:  The digester utilizes a design by DVO of Wisconsin.  This digester features the most proven and reliable system in the industry with over 120 installations in 18 different U.S. states and several other countries.

Comprehensive Manure Management:  DVO’s digester design offers the best available industry standard to convert odor producing elements contained in manure into:

  • Renewable energy
  • Nutrient rich, balanced fertilizer
  • Quality cow bedding
  • Renewable Power:  Effectively controls manure methane emissions – a greenhouse gas that is 20+ times more aggressive than CO2 and converts it into renewable transportation fuel
  • Odor Control:  Provides the community with improved odor and vector reduction
  • Regulatory Compliance:  Installation of the digester helps keep the Weststeyn Dairy in compliance with state laws and regulations
  • New Employment:  Provides new jobs through construction and ongoing management

digester image

Resources- Read more about our project:

Methane Digester Flyer English

Methane Digester Flyer Spanish

Weststeyn & DVO Digester Community Presentation January 2018